One Maritime Data Standard

100% insight into your supply chain data

The demand for up-to-date and complete information on products and goods is growing, and this is no different in the maritime chain.

One Maritime Data Standard (OMDS) is the new standard for unified recording and electronic exchange of product and trade data for the Dutch maritime sector.

OMDS focuses on reducing supply chain failure costs and increasing quality, speed and efficiency within the maritime industry as a whole.

Key advantages:

Main goals of OMDS

Technical information, import and export documentation, and other data regarding parts and goods provide the basis for calculations, transactions and logistics within the chain.

Data exchange takes place through the 2BA platform. Using this platform, manufacturers, suppliers, shipping companies and shipyards can supply and exchange up-to-date product and trade information.

Increasing efficiency
Decreasing costs
Complying with legal requirements

Savings in the supply chain

Saving money in the supply chain is easier than you would perhaps expect. Implementing a universal data standard allows for the elimination or minimization of unnecessary steps in processing, transport or intermediate storage, thus creating a huge potential for savings.

Extensive collaboration between various partners in the chain is necessary to take advantage of this potential.

Collaboration improves efficiency

Each OMDS partner is responsible for maintaining a high level of data quality. The more companies that join the partnership, the more transparent the data becomes and the greater the savings.

Applying unified data within the chain offers the maritime branch and Dutch manufacturing sector essential advantages and efficiency.

Wijngaarden VeiligGoed about OMDS:

"Our new work process provides data that is more complete and of higher quality, our process costs have decreased and we can support our clients even better in purchasing and logistical processes."


  • Cost savings by eliminating unnecessary process steps
  • Improved data quality and related services
  • Fewer errors when ordering parts thanks to unique numbering
  • Unambiguous product coding with ETIM classification model
  • Administration made easier
  • Faster shipping thanks to exchange of logistical data
  • Greater agility when legislation and regulations change

Interested in OMDS?

Would you like to find out more about how OMDS works and what it can do for you? Please register using the contact form. A 2BA employee will get in touch with you to discuss the possibilities presented by OMDS, 2BA and the platform, with no further obligation.

Together, we can determine a possible route to sharing your valuable data with your (potential) customers using the 2BA data platform.