What's in it for you as purchaser?

As a shipping company or shipyard, you work on preparing everything for your vessels on a daily basis.

Logistics are a very important part of this. It's all about planning and managing the elements that influence how you can ship the right product to the right place in a timely manner and at the lowest possible cost.

Supply chain management revolves around coordinating and directing the transport of goods from the provider of raw materials to the customer. OMDS is a uniform data standard that optimizes supply chain management.

Optimal coordination is vital

It’s vital to optimize harmonization between the various links in the chain.

For the maritime chain, ever-increasing ICT possibilities lead to better availability of data and the possibility to share this data.

A uniform standard that applies to all shipyards, shipping companies, suppliers and manufacturers alike will save you enormous amounts of time:

No more searching for the right code for a specific supplier
Always have all data, always up to date
Immediate compliance with all guidelines

Advantages of OMDS for shipping companies and shipyards

  • Easier and less time-intensive purchasing process
  • Easier management and reduction of costs
  • More efficient and faster warehouse management
  • Clear and complete product data
  • Removal of duplicate products and product numbers
  • Facilitation of additional digitization and automatic order processing
  • Fewer separate shipments
  • Fewer digital invoices for processing
  • Data transparency and stock optimization
  • Immediate compliance with national and international regulations

Financial and operational advantages

Every ordering process consists of an exchange of documents, ranging from purchase orders to invoices. This process is often very labour-intensive and error-prone.

Data digitisation can optimize the manner in which tasks are executed, ease workflows and provide long-term advantages.

Organizations that participate in integrated chains can supply faster and more flexibly, have less stock and failure costs, have more satisfied customers, are able to innovate more and work in a more sustainable manner.

Would you like to become an OMDS partner?

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