Start of OMDS

One Maritime Data Standard started with the aim to simplify the data landscape of the maritime sector: one unambiguous system for product and trade data exchange within the supply chain.

The initiative led to the uniform One Maritime Data Standard, implemented within the maritime sector.

OMDS is making uniform recording and electronic exchange of product and trade data in the Dutch maritime sector a practical reality through the 2BA data platform.

2BA gathers all technical specifications and trade data from manufacturers and wholesalers from the technical installation sector in a single database. All parties can exchange data with 2BA on a daily basis, so everybody can access the most up-to-date information at any moment.

Data fields within 2BA database

2BA manages the central and neutral data pool for the controlled and digital exchange of product information between supplier and buyer on the basis of international ETIM standards

Especially for the maritime line of business, the product information in the data pool has been expanded. Think of country of origin, safety data sheets, specific import and export data and other customs-related information. 

Implementation of OMDS

In 2019, OMDS was further implemented within the sector, the number of participants increased and more data was shared via the database.

Expanding the digital information source and improving data efficiency can lead to substantial advantages in the logistic chain.

Would you like to learn more about the specific data fields? Feel free to download the summary!

Participating in OMDS

By combining our efforts, we can decrease supply chain management costs and increase processing speed and efficiency within the sector. Would you like to participate in OMDS? Please contact us and we will gladly tell you all about it.

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