The 2BA data Platform

Online platform for connecting maritime supply and demand

The processing and sharing of information following the One Maritime Data Standard occurs through the 2BA data platform. This online platform facilitates the automated exchange of validated product and associated trade data between manufacturers, suppliers, shipyards, shipowners, and subcontractors.

The 2BA database is based on existing and proven standards from Dutch and European installation technology and was expanded in 2020 to include specific fields that are essential to the maritime sector, such as Safety Data Sheets, specific export and import data and other customs information. The transfer of data also adheres to industry-standard exchange formats.

Impartial data service

2BA is 100% owned by industry associations with Techniek Nederland as the main shareholder. It operates and manages the impartial data service for the validated and automated exchange of electronic product and article data between supplier and buyer.

Product and trade information from the manufacturer, importer or agent are entered into the database according to ETIM standards and linked to data from the wholesaler. BMEcat and DICO are used as file file formats for uniform data exchange.

Data exchange

From the 2BA data platform, product and trade data are distributed and updated digitally within the maritime supply chain. This information is then updated directly in the user's ERP or engineering software.

A growing number of software suppliers have incorporated the link developed by 2BA, which allows users to search the 2BA data platform online and immediately transfer selected data into their own software.

Thanks to the filtering option for ETIM product classes and other specifications, you will quickly find the right items among 8.5 million of technical products and  22 million related whole-sale items.

Would you like to learn more about OMDS and 2BA?

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