What does OMDS offer suppliers?

You supply numerous parts, goods and consumables to companies in the maritime sector. Processing these interactions involves a vast amount of work, time and costs.

For items that have a relatively low individual value, the processing costs can quickly become disproportionate.

Imagine having a single uniform standard that applies to all shipyards, shipping companies and other purchasing parties. How much time would that save you? No more searching for the right code for a specific purchasing party, but instead always having all up-to-date information ready, whilst also complying with all regulations.

Simplicity in administration with OMDS

Technical information, import and export documents and other data on parts, items and articles form the basis for calculations, transactions and logistics within the chain.

The 2BA platform supports further digitization and automated order processing, thus ensuring transparency in all data processing.

You will save on administrative costs and increase supply chain efficiency and, therefore, profitability.

Clear product data
Simplified administration
Compliance with all guidelines

Advantages of OMDS for suppliers

  • Easier and less time-intensive sales process
  • Reduced costs thanks to simplified management
  • More efficient warehouse management
  • Clear and complete product data
  • Removal of duplicate products and product numbers
  • Facilitation of additional digitization and automatic order processing
  • Fewer separate shipments
  • Fewer digital invoices 
  • Data transparency and stock optimization
  • Immediate compliance with national and international regulations

Cost savings in the ordering process

Every ordering process consists of an exchange of documents, ranging from purchase orders to invoices. This process is often very labour-intensive and error-prone.

Participating in OMDS makes it possible to perform the data exchange electronically using the 2BA platform, which offers financial and operational advantages as well as improved efficiency.

Are you supplier and would you like to learn more?

Please get in touch with the OMDS team for a no-obligation chat. We will gladly visit you to present the advantages in more detail.